Why Shower when you can Bath?...


Why Shower when you can Bath?...

Baths aren’t just for kids, and while most adults shy away in preference of a quick shower you’d be surprised to know a warm soak can boost your mood and energise your body, all in a matter of minutes. Check out these reasons why settling in for a nice long soak will rethink your bathroom routine:

It will burn calories:

Yes, you heard us correctly! Luckily, it turns out having a bath can burn the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk. It sounds unrealistic, but science has proved that you don’t need to perform strenuous cardio when you could be in the bath instead. A study released in 2018 by exercise physiologist Steve Faulkner from Loughborough University in the UK found the mere act of taking a hot bath does indeed burn calories. The choice between a bath or the gym now does not seem like the hardest decision to make. 

Relieve muscle pain:

If you do hit the gym, try hitting the tub right after.  Immersion, buoyancy, heat, and vibration (if you’ve got jets) all have useful biological and sensory effects, many of which are useful to people with injuries, pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Step it up by using a jet bath which are effective in reducing stiffness and soreness, and some jets can be adjusted to focus on a specific area of the body. 

Catch up on your book:

The shower is obviously no place for a stack of magazines. Have some ‘me’ time with a relaxing bubble bath, good book (and maybe a glass of wine). 


Soothe your skin:

A warm bath in combination with certain essential oils, like coconut, olive, or lavender can better hydrate and heal dry or irritated skin. Plus, aromatherapy is great for regulating your mood or reducing stress. 

Improve your sleep:

Swirling water and buoyancy promotes relaxation for a deeper sleep. The increase in body temperature, and the subsequent drop when getting out of the water also has the potential to aid sleep. As the body cools, its systems (like heart rate) slow down, which increases the feeling of drowsiness. 


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