Showers: Tile vs Acrylic Walls

No two bathroom renovations are quite the same – and shower installations are a good example.  There are two styles of installation available and each has its own quite distinct features and benefits.

Englefield leads the field in high quality, feature-rich shower installations and the company fields a constant stream of requests from renovators and new home buyers. “Which should I buy – an acrylic lined shower or a tile version?”

The answer will depend on several factors – budget and time-frame are key.


Acrylic lined showers are popular as they are easy and quick to install. They come as a complete package and Englefield offers a vast array of sizes and options to suit a range of styles and budgets. All showers offer flat or corner contour moulded walls with self-draining storage shelves (one style also has a side contour), many have reversible doors, some have treated interior glass for easy cleaning – and all of them have toughened safety glass meeting AU Safety Standards.

Ease of cleaning is a major benefit of the Acrylic option with all designs featuring quality Duracryl™ walls with the latest Senosan™ Antibac™ finishes that are both scratch and mould resistant.

Acrylic options, when installed correctly by a certified installer, also provide absolute water tightness, for total peace of mind. For those looking for a quick, easy to install, budget-sensitive option the Acrylic lined shower is the answer.

One of the Acrylic drawbacks is that it is pre-made though the majority of sizes are covered, it won’t fit all the needs. As Henry Ford once said, "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.". Likewise, Acrylic is only available in white. 


A Tiled Shower is a more luxurious option – homeowners can create a more individual, tailored look courtesy of the vast array of tiles (and colours and textures) available.

This option is for those who have a little more time and a more generous budget.

The benefits are evident – a luxury, bespoke shower that can take an average bathroom to home spa level!

The major drawback for tile showers is the thing between each tile joint called “Grout”. Grout has cement as part of its nature. And cement is highly porous. For showers, water is inevitable. The more grout there is, the higher chance the water could find its way through.  

With the grout ability to absorb and retain water, mould could start building up over time with no proper maintenance. So, tile showers need your regular care to keep them tidy.  

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Englefield makes the process of installing a tiled or acrylic shower much easier though our shower ranges: Valencia EliteMilano and Sapphire.

See our shower range for all our Acrylic & Tile over options.

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